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I am a faith-based therapist who has been prepared uniquely by education and in-depth training and has over 25 years of experience in the field.

Linda Ford, LCSW  Grief, trauma and life transition companion

Linda Ford, LCSW
Grief, trauma and life transition companion

The name "Somewhere in Between" comes from my belief, based on my professional and personal experience, once the loss and/or a trauma has occurred, we are no longer in the place we yearn for, nor are we yet where we desire to be. We are "in between".
The face of loss has many different features and is complex and varies for everyone. Come visit my new office located conveniently between Mansfield and Burleson!

Trauma Companion

Trauma Companion

Trauma happens when anything unexpected and unwanted happens to a person which impacts them in such a way that it has a negative emotional and possibly physical result on the individual.

Grief & Bereavement

Grief & Bereavement

The term bereavement actually means to be torn apart. If a person gives this much thought, one realizes, this is quite like what it feels when an enormous loss happens. We actually feel as though our world, our life, our self, our body, and our heart and soul has been torn apart and will never feel the same again.



No parent would like to believe a divorce of many years ago is possibly causing a lingering "residue" to their adult children. A residue which could subconsciously be getting in the way of the person having a successful, happy, long term relationship.

"Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter and notice what happens."

- Wayne Dyer

Be encouraged...

"We must surrender to the energies of grief and descend into and through the experience. In so doing, we create conditions that allow and encourage something new to arise from within us. With loving companions, we rise from the depths of our grief and discover unexpected healing and transformation. This healing occurs not by separating ourselves from the pain, but by attending to it. Yes, Helen Keller was right when she observed, 'The only way to the other side is through'."

-Alan Wolfelt

These are just a few examples of grief and loss.

Whatever you may be going through, I encourage you that there is hope! Things can and will get better.