Linda has over 20 years experience working with women and their families in the areas of grief, loss and life transitions.

Additional pertinent experience stems from 15 years working with individuals who have experienced trauma while working with the federal government as a first responder
and trainer.

In addition, Linda has extensive experience in trauma as a crisis counselor and is available to help with victims of trauma, crisis and or abuse.

My session lengths are not a typical "therapeutic hour". I leave ample amount of time for sessions to take the natural length it needs to and I would never charge extra for this courtesy. I am however, self pay. I can work on a sliding fee if need be, but I do not accept insurance. Generally my fee is $100.00.

Memberships /Accreditations

Linda Ford, LCSW

Grief, trauma and life transition companion

Companioning is about listening with the heart; it is not about analyzing with the head.

Companioning is based on the philosophy that this type of emotional pain, is not healed by usual "therapy" A companion does not necessarily try to alleviate all of the mourner's symptoms. Those symptoms, such as crying and sadness are important for the bereaved to experience. It will help them gain momentum to make progress to integrate their loss and to recognize the different person they will someday be. These symptoms are also an excellent manner for showing the right companion the "special needs" you currently are experiencing and how witnessing these symptoms will provide comfort by allowing you to feel understood. The rest of the world may not be comfortable with a person's pain, but the right companion is.

Appropriate grief counseling through "Companionship" facilitates a process towards resolution of loss. It allows integration of the loss into the person's life.

Understanding Grief/Bereavement

The definition of bereaved is to literally be "torn apart".

As a bereaved female and a trained therapist,
I have a deep personal, as well as clinical
understanding, regarding the life shattering despair
facing those grieving.

I can be your grief companion while you are in your own deep confusing hole. A hole completely void of purpose and direction. The method I utilize is intuitive and compassionate and can help start your journey to a life with purpose, meaning and joy.

My post graduate work and experience with death, loss and grief, prepared me for my calling in hospice, bereavement group work, one-on-one intense counseling and and response to trauma of all kinds.

My life work with women and their family is why I
hope you will reach out and take a step towards a brighter future.

I am a member of ADEC, The Association for Death Education and Counseling, The Thanatology Association. I also have a vast 15 year experience in crisis management and training of first responders.

My most evolutionary training came from extensive studies with Allen Wolfelt, at his his Center for Loss and Life Transitions. My life work and training has transformed me into a human with a heart of service. My own personal loss has transformed me into a human on a mission to make a difference in comforting women who's lives have been torn apart.

Your journey is unique, but know that you are not alone.

Your journey is unique, but know that you are not alone.