Words are too often inadequate when dealing with a tragic loss or event on a personal, national or global level. Today, my heart is heavy because of the tragedy in Las Vegas. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. As a nation we all will naturally be needing information regarding this horrific event, yet we should stay mindful not to become too overly stimulated by these type of experiences. Although, we are not directly experiencing the event, each of us can be negatively impacted if we allow our: brain, heart, soul, spirit and body to take on too much information or stimulus. Look for manners and experiences which bring you comfort as well. Gathering with your family and friends and holding close to our faith can be very comforting. One of my closest friends reminded me recently that "God always keeps His promises surrounding His Son". This photo of a rainbow around the sun is rare and beautiful and yes, it reminds me of God's word and brings me peace. May everyone find a source and place of peace.


All of us, at some point or even from time to time, on this journey of life, finds ourself: lost, at a loss, or having experienced the loss of someone or something. At these times, when it appears the sun just will not shine and we have, in a manner, lost our way. A good lamp can certainly be a life saver in helping us see thru the darkness. None of us are immune to these bleak times and all the preparation in the world cannot keep all storms away. But a solid lamp being kept handy, "with charged batteries" that type of prep work, will help us to find our path and our way back to true north. I have extra batteries if anyone is in need.

I only know this, because I have learned the hard way that my navigation is extremely poor without the word, the lamp and the light.

Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light onto my path"